Breast uplift Aesthetics

Breast uplift surgery or mastopexy, addresses concerns related to either ageing of the breasts or variations after significant weight loss such as during and after pregnancy.

A youthful appearance

It is possible to restore a more youthful appearance of the breasts both by reducing the skin and the lobe, reshaping the breast and resorting volume depending on the characteristics that need to be adjusted.

Multiple options

The breast uplift procedure has evolved into multiple options specifically to address concerns related to asymmetry that accompanies all symmetric structures of the body, but also to minimise scars and improve outcomes and recovery.

Additional treatments

In addition to the uplift, it is possible to use breast implants or fat transfer for volume enhancements or restoration and this can be discussed at the time of the consultation.


Overall, breast uplift surgery has increased in popularity also because of the understanding that a youthful appearance of the bust creates an enhanced appearance of the torso and waistline.

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