Chemical peelThe recovery period

AHA peel

In the case of an AHA peel, mild redness, soreness, dryness of the skin are not usually significant enough to stop you from working or socialising. This makes the treatment a lot easier to incorporate in a busy lifestyle. Systematic use of sunblock is recommended.

TCA peel

In the case of TCA peel, the recovery period is usually 7 to 10 days for return to work and socialising. During this period of time, there are a number of changes that you should expect:


You will be prescribed an antibiotic ointment to apply in small quantity to the face, both to reduce the risk of infection and to avoid early break of the crusts.

You should wash your face gently in the morning and in the evening and dab dry without rubbing.

An antibiotic course running over five days is also sometimes prescribed. In patients that had a history of herpes, a five-day course of anti-viral treatment is also included.


The swelling is usually mild but around the eyes can be more significant. Resting with the head elevated is usually sufficient to control it.

Treatment area

The treatment area will appear covered with brown crust, as in the case of a severe sunburn. It is important to avoid active removal of the crusts, as these can lead to prolonged redness or even scarring of the skin.

A good recovery

Following peeling of the crusts, the skin looks fresh, slightly pink and even in colour. For the following month after a chemical peel systematic use of sun block and a skin bleaching agent is very important to ensure good recovery.

Return to work

Return to work is typically within 7 to 10 days, and returned to exercise at approximately 2 weeks.

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