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Dermal Fillers FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

How long till you would perform a revision rhinoplasty?

I have dark hollows beneath my eyes and would really like fat transfer.

I am looking for Coleman fat transplant to repair a temporal defect incurring from traumatic head injury.

I had a hyaluronic acid based filler injected into my lips one and a half year ago and it has not all disappeared.

I have a serious case of dark circles, I would like to get rid of these.

I would like to know the price for hyaluronic acid Injected into lips?

I have one very deep vertical frown line and it is getting worst as I age.

My chin is slightly square and does not make my face symmetrical.

What procedures are there to remove under eye dark circles?

I have hereditary cheek dents, can fat transfer help?

I dislike my pointed tip and bump and I am considering nose surgery.

Do you offer non surgical nose job treatments using dermal fillers?

I am experiencing dark circle under my each eye and I would like to have them removed.

Should I have a second opinion on my revision rhinoplasty?

Do you do chin augmentation with fillers?

I have undifferentiated autoimmune disease, is fat transfer ok for me?

I have an hollow area towards the outer part of eye socket.

I take warfarin but am very unhappy with my buttock area. Am I able to undergo fat transfer?

I am 32 years old and have hereditary severe dark circles.

I started realising that my nose is twisted, what shall I undergo and how much it will cost me?

Is it possible to do rasping or shaving on one side of the nose to improve the appearance?

I am 29 and have noticed circles under my eyes.

Is it possible to make the nose look more asian?

My jaw line and cheekbones are not very defined.

I am looking for longer lasting facial fillers.

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