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Dermal Fillers FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I am interested in nonsurgical face lift.

Can anything be done with my dark, tired, saggy, baggy lower eye contour?

My jaw line and neck are sagging and I look unhappy all the time.

I am hoping to have tear trough treatment done as I have a shadow under my eyes.

Do you do nose fillers?

Would it be possible to remove just a part of the filler from upper lip with hyaluronidase?

I have a boxcar scar quite in the middle of my nose.

Do you offer the hyaluronidase injection, how much does it cost?

How much would it cost to dissolve some hyaluronic acid from my nose?

I have been searching for a treatment to reduce or completely remove my dark under eyes.

How much does it cost to do injectable filler to the cheekbones?

I am 32 years of age and have terrible black bags under my eyes.

I would like to have a facelift and cheek augmentation as my face is long and shapeless.

I have pigmented dark circles along with hollow eyes, what procedure is better for dark circles?

Since I was 11 I have had extreme veins and a little bit of black bags under my eyes.

Do you offer the hyaluronidase treatment and how much would your costs be?

Could you give me some idea on what you could do on my eye lids, eye bags, wrinkles?

I have recently noticed that my chin is asymmetric.

I have bags and wrinkles under my eyes I would like to get rid of it.

I had lower eye bags removal 3 years ago but no excess skin was removed.

I have thin lower legs, how can I make them bigger?

Being 29 is this to young to consider fat transfers and filler?

I am interested about the price for Restylane injections?

I am interested in having lip fillers.

What is the best treatment for ice pick-pitted acne scars?

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