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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I would like to have revision rhinoplasty. In your personal opinion what surgery procedure would you use to correct this?

My friend had closed septo-rhinoplasty 5 days ago and the nose looks nothing like it used to, will his nose stay like this?

Do you do surgery in the gatwick area,ie Spire Hospital, and how much for a ethnic surgery.

I feel that a smaller one would look better. What would you recommend is the best type of procedure?

I have had 3 nose jobs and my nose is still not right. Would I be able to have revision surgery at all?

When do you think is the right age to get a nose job?

Is it possible while having rhinoplasty to have the angle between the nose and the upper lip changed?

My nose looks different from different angles, I have a good side and a very bad side. Could this sort of problem be worked on?

What is the youngest age you can have a nose job?

I have a bent nose which bends to the right and is also too long for my face, which procedure would you use to fix this problem?

How long normally must the patient has to wait for the surgery after the first meeting with a doctor?

What are the possible side effects of rhinoplasty if you use your nose in intensive exercise?

Is it possible to perform a reduction rhinoplasty at the same time as malar (cheekbone) implants, with fat transfer?

I would like to have alar base reduction alone to narrow the width of my nostrils. How much would this procedure cost?

Can you reshape the ear in terms of its angle from the side?

After having a poor result from a first rhinoplasty I had augmentation rhinoplasty done by the same surgeon.

What is the consultation fee? I am looking to have a rhinoplasty how much will this cost?

Can I have the bump taken away from my nose without going inside?

I have a large nose with a bump I am 16 and I really want it straightened

I am 17 and a Sixth Form student. I was just wondering if I could get it on the NHS or cheaper because I am a student?

I'm a student and would like to have a nose surgery. Can you please give an estimate for the cost of this operation?

Do you do free consultation as I'm travelling from Newcastle?

My nose is slight bent and not in proportion with my face and I wonder if you could advise what would be most suitable for me?

Could I send you my profile photos before the consultation to see if you would be able to operate on it?

Is it possible to thin the nasal tip and create a more refined shape to the nose? I am of South Asian origin.

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