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I have a lower chin, what do you recommend for the right procedure with good results?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 08 April 2011


If I want a genioplasty (sliding chin to forward) because I have a lower chin, should I have to do with shaving the mandible together or can I only have the genioplasty. Because someone recommended to do both.

This is his advice to me (But simple genioplasty can make the step of the mandible). Your chin is severely retruded. If you get only genioplasty, there will be a step on mandible.

So, shaving is needed on step area.I am so confuse.Please recommend for the right procedure with good result.


I'm guessing that your surgeon commented on the fact that a significant chin advancement may be necessary, which is more likely to create a step in the contour of the bone.

As a personal preference, I feel that Medpor implants present a valuable alternative, as they enhance the deficient volume of the lower jaw, and feel similar to bone from the outside.

In addition, contouring an elegant relationship between the jawline and the neck, sometimes requires a degree of intervention on the soft tissues under the chin, as you can see in the images 37 and 38 from the image gallery.

The best way to decide on these points would be to evaluate in a consultation using 3-D imaging and planning what it is that you wish to see as the end result.

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