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I've had bodytite on 7 areas and I'm left with indentations on my thighs and bum and desperately need help.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 06 November 2010


I've had bodytite procedure at the northern clinic Wakefield on 7 area's and I'm left with indentations on my thighs and bum and desperately need help. The doctor said he'll have to do it all again and he's already aspirated nearly 6 litre's of fat in total. I'm really concerned as I've paid £6000 every penny I had saved up for 5 years. My question is is this a normal thing to do, please help me Mr Ion.


At 5 months post-treatment there may still be some improvement, as the body progresses through the final stages of the wound healing sequence. This is associated with softening of the scar tissue under the skin.

If when lying down the indentations disappear (i.e. when you remove the effects of gravity), it means that the indentations are due to differences in the deep skin support. In a situation like this, you can help by massaging the area with moderately large, circular movements, to loosen up the fibrous tissue.

If the areas are still depressed when lying down, it suggests that too much fat was removed or that some more fat has been resorbed by the body after the treatment. In a situation like this, fat transfer to the depression is more likely to be needed to correct the contour, and would probably be best to wait for 6 months from the original surgery.

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