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Can I have a nasal tip reduction under local anaesthetics?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 23 December 2013


I had a primary rhinoplasty 1 year ago. I am pleased with the results on the whole, however the tip is slightly too sharp. I think the projection needs reducing slightly, giving a more rounded contour which is what I want.

Could this be done under local anaesthetic? I am keen not to have general anaesthetic as it seems unnecessary for such a minor intervention.


In principle, it is possible to carry out the type of change you describe under a local anaesthetic. The are however some aspect that may or may not make it suitable.

It would be important to understand whether at the time of the primary intervention there has been the reinforcement of the support of the nasal tip using cartilage graft, which reduces an additional stabilisation of the structures. It also facilitates additional adjustments along the lines that your describing.

It would be valuable to have the information regarding your primary procedure and using computer imaging and simulation to determine the desired endpoint for the treatment. This can lead to a decision about visibility of the intervention under a local anaesthetic.

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