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I have cleft lip and palate and also a big nose.

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 05 February 2013


I have cleft lip and palate and also a big nose. Will rhinoplasty help improve the shape and size?


The principles of nose reshaping in cleft lip and palate situations are essentially the same as for rhinoplasty in general.

Special considerations in relation to the lip and palate are associated with availability of cartilage for the nasal framework support, and the distortion of the soft tissues and nasal tip cartilages in the context of the cleft lip.

The first step in evaluating whether you would feel there is or not benefit from reshaping of the nose would be to use computer imaging and simulation at the time of the consultation. Depending on previous treatments and the characteristics of the nose, in some instances rib cartilage grafting may be useful to produce stronger support to the nasal framework.

A reduction of the nasal tip prominence and size as well as adjustment of the shape of the bridge of the nose are possible in the same way as with rhinoplasty in general.

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