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Rhinoplasty FAQ

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

The bridge of my nose has a slight hump and is also off set to the left, the nasal tip has a droop. Is this possible to correct?

I had a rhinoplasty last year and I am not fully happy with the result. What would you recommend?

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago and I'm still not happy. I feel I want it fixed.

I have heard such good reviews of your work and am looking to have rhinoplasty.

Can a registrar perform a full rhinoplasty?

I broke my nose as a child and it is assymetrical. The bone seems to be in a swerve or diagonal position.

I am only 14 years old. When would I be able to change it and would it inprove my appearance/confidence?

I really want a nose job. Everytime I look at it, I feel very depressed. I can't come to terms of loving my nose.

How much is the average rhinoplasty? Also, do consultations go towards the cost of surgery?

I would like to know how much it costs for a nose job?

I was just wondering, how much a consultation would cost and if we could speak about rhinoplasty procedures?

I was wondering about the cost for a nose reduction.

All the before and after photos on this website look amazing. Are all these procedures, performed by yourself?

Where do you have your surgeries and what is the cost for a consultation for rhinoplasty?

Your rhinoplasty before and after pictures look amazing. Where is your clinic?

I am now 30 years old and my insecurity over my nose has not gone away or lessoned with the years.

I've done 3 operations but the doctor did it wrong.

I'm a black female and have been very unhappy with my nose for years.

I was wondering how a rhinoplasty would be treated on a cleft lip patient?

I have extra fat on around my nose. I want to know about surgery cost and procedure.

How much is a nose job and would I be able to pay monthly?

My nose is big and I want to make it smaller.

Where in North Ireland could I get a nose job?

Which is the last price for nose job?

Can you carry out nose surgery (straightening and tip and width reduction) under local anaesthetic?

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