Gynecomastia Aesthetics

Gynaecomastia is the situation where there is excessive breast development in men, either on one side or both sides of the chest.

Breast tissue

Breast tissue is normally present in men, but typically represents a very small tissue volume that does not change the contour of the chest.

Although there are some identifiable causes for gynaecomastia or male breast over-development, in 75% of patients no specific reason for it can be identified.

It is however potentially useful to have an endocrinology examination as hormonal profiling sometimes shows causes for gynaecomastia that require treatment. Treatment of the underlying causes does not always lead to regression of the gynaecomastia but may decrease the chance of recurrence after treatment.

Treatment management

Management of male breast problems is primarily targeting reduction of the volume. In some instances there is also significant skin excess, more frequently after significant weight loss where the chest skin has also become thinner and inelastic.

The treatment protocol is discussed and established during the consultation.

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