Gynecomastia The operation

Gynaecomastia is a significant operation and is typically carried out under a general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation is also a suitable option.

Volume reduction

In most instances liposuction is the first part of the intervention as the volume reduction typically includes the front of the chest and the sides of the chest below the armpit where there is frequently an aggregation of fatty tissue.

Radio-frequency assisted liposuction

In our practice we normally use radio-frequency assisted liposuction for its ability to increase the amount of fatty tissue that can be removed from the front and side of the chest, and the tightening that it creates in the chest tissues.

Tissue reduction

If through the liposuction procedure a suitable correction is achieved, the operation stops there. In the instances when the central part of the breast is too firm to be removed or reduced through liposuction, a small incision is carried out in the lower half of the areola, allowing for access to the core of breast tissue. The breast tissue is then reduced and the fragments removed are submitted for histological examination.

Open reduction

In situations where there is significant skin excess and skin reduction appears to be necessary, the operation may or may not involve liposuction. The open reduction will always be associated with more extensive scars around the nipple and sometimes vertical and horizontal in the crease under the breast.

When open correction is used, drainage of the pocket left after surgery may be required in order to diminish the swelling and promote healing.

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