Thigh lift Aesthetics

Most frequently in relation to either weight loss, the ageing process or occasionally multiple pregnancies associated with fluctuations in weight, the skin of the inner thigh can become looser and thinned by stretched marks. The aesthetic impact of these changes is bothering some people significantly. As a result, a surgical procedure has been designed to improve on these aspects.

Thigh reduction or thigh lift surgery aims to remove skin excess on the inner part of the thigh and can follow several patterns corresponding to the positioning and degree of the problem.

Smaller problems

In smaller problems, with skin excess situated in the upper part of thigh, the incision for the thigh lift and subsequent scar is placed in the groin crease.

Extensive skin reduction

When more extensive skin reduction is necessary because the skin laxity affects a longer segment of the inner thigh, surgery can remove skin excess on the inner aspect of the thigh, and sometimes the scar will need to be extended to the level of the knee.


Thigh lift surgery is typically carried out under general anaesthetic and in situations of massive weight loss, it is commonly accompanied by other procedures that address skin excess around the abdomen and flanks such as abdominoplasty or body lift.

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