Thigh lift The operation

Thigh lift surgery takes place under a general anaesthetic, weather it is carried out on its own or in combination with other treatments.


The procedure typically starts with infiltration of the treatment area and liposuction. This approach has led to improvement of the outcomes as it involves a more superficial dissection and less interference with the lymphatic circulation in the thigh.

Following the liposuction, the predetermined skin excess is removed and after establishing haemostasis (sealing the blood vessels in the treatment area) the wound is closed.

At the time of closure, in the groin region, the deeper tissues of the thigh are also resuspended to the groin ligament to provide support for the contour of the thigh.


Depending on the extent of the thigh lift surgery, drains are sometimes used and will be removed a day or two after the operation.


Dressings are applied to the wound in the inner aspect of the thigh. If there is a groin component, the wound closure line will require regular cleaning because it is difficult to protect it with dressings.

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