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3D Facial Rejuvenation

Using 3D to better judge the priorities and how much change is needed to look right.

Ageing in the face and neck is a complex process, and most of the time, what we want is not to run away from it, but to manage it so that the interesting changes are enhanced, and the unsightly changes are reduced or eradicated.

The ageing process in 3D

Because the changes that affect us involve volume, elasticity of the tissues and inevitably sagging, it is often difficult to put together a full picture, so that a suitable plan for change can be established.

An accurate photograph in 3-D brings together the information, and makes it possible to judge better what are the priorities and how much change makes things look right.

Volumetric facial rejuvenaiton

Facial rejuvenation is not all about tightening. Just tightening means increased chance of the dreaded "wind-tunnel" effect.

Volume brings softness to the facial features, but how much volume is fundamental information, to avoid excess.

Most people prefer the distinction that occurs in the facial features as we are advancing in age, but would like it enhanced by a subtle blend of fullness and tightness.

Volumetric Facial Rejuvenation Volumetric Facial Rejuvenation

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Skin analysis

Although most of the time we see the shape changes, and become distressed about the lines of our faces and the sagging, one of the fundamental changes is in the quality of the skin.

The notion that beauty is skin deep is truly applicable in this situation, and the 3D imaging offers additional information regarding the degree of sun damage and the changes in the blood vessels of the skin, to allow properly directed action to be planned.

Neck Rejuvenation

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Neck contouring

The neck contour is paramount to an elegant and youthful appearance of the face like a beautiful pedestal brings beauty to the statue above it.

It is easy to misrepresent much change is necessary with regards to the neck contouring, and 3D assessment and planning makes it significantly clearer.

Neck Rejuvenation Neck Rejuvenation

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Chin and Jawline

Most of the time, we see the changes in our face that occur along the jawline, because everybody dreads the jowls, but we rarely see the changes in the chin shape, which means that the overall plan for improvement ends a little shortsighted.

The lines that run from the corner of the mouth downwards, giving it a somewhat sad appearance, can be improved by tightening and lifting, but look better if the combination of tightening and volume restoration is used.

Chin and Jaw Angle Rejuvenation Chin and Jaw Angle Rejuvenation

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Skin improvements

Analysis of the skin ageing is the basis for a structured plan for improvement.

The information about skin that is generated with the 3D photograph, can be put to good use when you choose how to look after your skin in the long term, or how to treat it in the short term.

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Concepts of beauty

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