Eyelid surgery Planning for blepharoplasty

During the consultation for eyelid surgery, your surgeon will enquire regarding your general medical history, and any previous eye or eyelid surgery. Some conditions like thyroid or kidney disease can produce swellings of the eyelids or may be associated with increased risk of dryness of the eyes.

Upper eyelids

With regards to the upper eyelids, the relationship with the position of the brow is very important. In some instances, although in the beginning it may seem that the upper eyelid has skin excess, in fact, it can be that the position of the eyebrow is somewhat low.

In a situation like this, it may well be that a forehead lift is a more appropriate treatment, but in some instances a combination of forehead lift or temporal lift and upper blepharoplasty may produce the best results.

Lower eyelids

With the lower blepharoplasty, many factors can influence the quality of the outcome.

The support of the lower eyelid is naturally weak, and it is necessary to appreciate that attempts to completely smooth the lines around the corner of the eyes and the lower eyelid are more likely to create problems rather than benefits.

The degree of improvement to be expected will be explained to you, as well as the potential benefit of a slight light lift in the volume of the cheek in order to create a more elegant relationship between the lower eyelids and the mid-face. This is now commonly part of the lower eyelid operation.


At the time of the consultation, it is also important to appreciate the risks associated with surgery and to ask questions so that you feel comfortable that you have a good appreciation of the event.

Facial asymmetry

At the time of the consultation, it is also important to appreciate the facial asymmetry points you may not have noticed, and your surgeon can describe the type of changes you can expect from the surgery as well as the positioning of the scars.

Problematic elements

It is important to try and appreciate, before and during your consultation, the elements that you find most problematic about the appearance of the eyelids, so that the consultation becomes more productive, and allows for the treatment plan to suit your needs better.

Injectable fillers

In some instances, more modest interventions like injectable fillers to the tear trough (circles under the eyes) may be a sensible solution for someone who does not require lower eyelid surgery yet.

Fat transfer

Fat transfer surgery can also create the impression of improvement in the lower and sometimes upper eyelids and this can be discussed during the consultation.

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