Breast enlargementsurgical procedure

Breast augmentation procedures are usually carried out as an outpatient operation under general anaesthetic and with appropriate advice given on post-operative care following the patient’s return home.

Dressings most likely need to remain in place for the week after surgery and the guidance on supportive garments will depend on the type of procedure undergone during breast augmentation.

A day case

Whilst an overnight stay in hospital is a possibility for some patients undergoing breast augmentation the majority of women undergo the procedure in clinic before returning home later the same day.

Patients requiring extra monitoring due to existing health issues or surgical complications can be more easily cared for in the hospital but most women are able to go home after the effects of anaesthesia have subsided.

It is usual for patients to arrange some assistance for a few days following surgery to help with daily chores and activities that could present difficulties during early stages of recovery.

General anaesthetic

The majority of breast augmentation surgery will be carried out under general anaesthetic although it is possible to use sedation and local anaesthetic in some cases.

Those with known difficulties with anaesthesia can discuss their options for breast augmentation surgery with their physician and alternative arrangements may be possible.

Allergic reactions to anaesthesia, respiratory problems, and other complications are a consideration with any breast implant operation but the risks are, thankfully, very low and careful monitoring of patients during surgery and immediately afterwards helps reduce such risks further.

Surgical dressings

Surgical dressings used after breast implant surgery are typically waterproof and stay in place for the first week following the procedure.

Guidance will be given by clinic staff on bathing and changing dressings after surgery.

Advice will also be available on the early warning signs of infection such as oozing and staff can also assist in changing and removing dressings as appropriate.

Breast stabiliser after augmentation

Breast augmentation under the muscle (sub-pectoral breast implants) involves a higher degree of tissue trauma and results in a slightly extended recovery time compared to sub-glandular breast implant placement.

After the surgery it is likely that patients will require the use of a breast stabiliser to reduce discomfort and help healing.

This garment differs from a conventional brassiere and patients are recommended to wear the stabiliser as advised to optimise their recovery and reduce the risks of scarring and unwanted trauma to the breast tissue.

Bra selection after breast augmentation

It is typically advisable to avoid wearing a conventional bra for at least a week after sub-pectoral breast augmentation and to instead use the surgical bra/breast stabiliser provided.

Sub-glandular breast augmentation usually allows patients to wear a supportive bra after their procedure unless a surgical bra is advised.

Although it is tempting for patients to celebrate their new figures by shopping for new lingerie, stronger, supportive sports-type bras are usually more comfortable and better for recovery than less substantial garments.

After two to six weeks the breast tissue will be less swollen and a wider choice of lingerie can begin to be used providing the surgeon is happy with the recovery progress.

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