Breast reduction During the operation

Breast reduction surgery is considered to be a major surgical intervention and is carried out normally under a general anaesthetic. It is typically accompanied by one night stay in hospital and the procedure takes approximately 2 hours.

Having marked the incision sites before the operation, during the pre-operative visit in the hospital, the surgeon then removes excess skin and glandular tissue in a pattern that protects the blood flow to the nipple.The nipple and areola are then repositioned in a lifted position.

The suture line corresponding to the incisions is most frequently anchor-shaped and extends around the nipple areola in the new position, vertically down to the crease under the breast and then horizontally under the breast.

In some instances, when the breast skin has relatively good elasticity, and the reduction is more limited, it may be possible to have just the scar around the areola and a vertical scar.

Drains & dressings

Typically, drains are used at the end of the surgery to help remove fluid from the operation site. This is not always necessary and may be influenced by the appearance of the operation site during surgery. The wounds are closed with dissolvable sutures that will not require removal.

The dressings are applied and typically they will stay in place for the first week.

Nipple positioning

In very large breast reductions it may be preferable to detach the nipple and reattach it in a higher position is a graft. It is an uncommon type of surgery today but retains some indications and if necessary, would be discussed with you before the operation.

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