The face lift aesthetics

Choosing to undergo a face lift procedure usually entails different desires for men and women in terms of facial contours, definition, and the extent of the surgery. At the time of the consultation, we work closely with patients to clearly identify areas they consider a priority for rejuvenation, beautification, and maintenance, and very importantly, to explore in detail their personal perceptions of beauty and health, so that a sensible age appropriate treatment plan is produced.

for Women

Elegance in facial features are important to all, but there are considerable differences in what we expect to see in the appearance of men and women.

Such differences encompass not only the clarity of the skin, the complexion, shadows and highlights, but also the actual shape of the bone structure in the face.

Women tend towards a heart-shaped facial contour with higher cheekbones than men and so face lift surgery will account for such differences. The strategies for change will also emphasise softness in the rejuvenation plan for facial rejuvenation in women. Ageing frequently, creates a heavier contour of the face, with squarer shape and more masculine undertones.

for Men

Men choosing to have a face lift are often looking to reestablish or create a clear definition in the lower face and jawline as well as rejuvenate the appearance in general. The defined neck contour, possibly with slight increased visibility of Adam's apple, establishes a masculine appearance with clear signalling of male anaesthetics.

Techniques used for face lift surgery in men will also target the nasolabial folds and marionette lines that are ageing the facial features, but with less overall tightening of the facial skin to avoid a feminising effect. Similar considerations include more conservative volume augmentation using fat transfer, and possibly choosing implants for cheekbone highlights, chin enhancement and occasionally jaw implants for clear definition.

Aesthetic balance

Like other aspects of life, cosmetic surgery and facelift surgery are not immune to trends and “fashion“. As techniques and technologies develop, our ability to fulfil the aspirations of facial contouring and detail improvement increase.

An aesthetic balance of the face however is more than the sum of maximising each possible change, and the primary target for the result of surgery is an elegant and age appropriate outcome. Unfortunately, not all face lift surgeries achieve a natural look and some surgical decisions can be misguided.

Exaggerated features, both in terms of skin tightening and volume augmentation in cheekbones, are unfortunately recognisable as unnatural and drawn unwanted attention.

The careful preparation for the surgery, discussing openly with your surgeon the points of strong concern to you, and understanding the tipping point towards an “operated look" are important components of the successful outcome of facelift surgery.

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