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I'm interested in more information about ethnic rhinoplasty? Could you give me some advice?

Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

Asked on 05 June 2011


I have been interested in getting rhinoplasty done for a while now.

I have recently had a few consultations, however every surgeon has told me that I'm unlikely to get a 'good' result because I have a thick wide bulbous shaped nose.

My skin isn't particularly healthy so the concerns raised by surgeons and their reluctance were:

I would probably get unpleasant keloid scarring.

The results would be very minimal/hardly noticeable.

It might actually look worse thining the cartilage because my skin is too thick and it won't retract back properly and over time it will collapse and look even worse.

I have done alot of research into ethnic nose surgery and I understand grafting, defining etc is a possible option.

I just wanted more informtation on this as I understand that very few surgeons specialize in ethnic rhinoplasty and becuase it's a complex surgery than usual most surgeons wil be reluctant to do it on me(as ive been told).

I will never get a slim/thin nose but I rather have a defined(illusion) big nose as opposed to just a formless big nose.

Your comments wil be a great help.


You are raising many points that you have discussed in consultation and expect me to answer them without seeing you. This can only take the form of general comments.

Most of the ethnic rhinoplasty procedures, I carry out, involve rib cartilage grafting. This is because a strong framework is needed to provide support for the alteration in shape, and internal cartilage is either insufficient or too soft.

You can seem some results on the Gallery section of the website, depicting results achieved.

During the consultation, the first thing is to determine using computer imaging what it is you would like to achieve.

This guides the subsequent planning based on your tissue characteristics, and gives you an outline of the potential for change.

The comments regarding collapse of the nose in the future I do not understand.

Do bear in mind though that there are always differences between a computer simulation and the end result.

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