Abdominoplasty Planning for Tummy Tuck surgery

Abdominoplasty is a moderate risk surgical intervention and general health conditions can significantly impact on the outcome of the surgery. Problems like, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, need to be discussed with your surgeon and controlled to a significant extent before embarking on abdominoplasty surgery.


In particular, smoking poses significant risks of permanent damage to the abdominal skin and should be stopped completely prior to this type of operation.


At the time of the consultation it is possible to assess also the characteristics of the abdominal skin both above and below the bellybutton, the presence or absence of abdominal hernia, the position of the six-pack muscles and presence or absence of a gap between them.


It is also possible to customise to some extent the position of the scar after the surgery and at the time of the consultation these aspects will be clarified as well as discussing the recovery period and the risks associated with the intervention.

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