Abdominoplasty The operation

Abdominoplasty is a significant operation and is carried out under a general anaesthetic. It typically requires at least one and sometimes two nights stay in hospital, in particular if an abdominal hernia repair takes place at the same time. Adding liposuction to the treatment does not influence the hospital stay.

During the intervention

During the intervention an ellipse of skin and underlying fatty tissue is removed from the level of the umbilicus to just above the pubic region and reaches from hip to hip on the side. The umbilicus is typically left at all attached on the stalk.

A pocket is then made beneath the skin and fat of the upper abdomen, and stretches to the lower border of the ribs. At this point if an umbilical hernia repair needs to be carried out or if the muscles of the abdomen need to be brought back together, the operation moves towards this functional element.

Once the muscles have been repaired, the upper abdominal skin advances down to the pubic region and is closed in place with dissolvable stitches placed under the skin surface.

The bellybutton comes out through a new opening made in the skin that has advanced.

Mini tummy tuck

Apronectomy or a mini tummy tuck is a somewhat less extensive correction which involves only the removal of skin and fatty tissue from under the bellybutton without repositioning of the umbilicus.


Drainage tubes are typically placed under the skin of the abdomen to collect excess fluid and promote healing.


Liposuction can be carried out to the flanks and also to some extent to the abdomen as part of the operation.

Swelling and bruising

Once the surgery is finished, a compression garment is placed on top of the dressings to produce moderate pressure and reduce the swelling and bruising around the abdomen and flanks.

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