Arm lift Planning for arm lift surgery

At the time of the consultation it is important to highlight any past medical problems as they may impact on the surgical outcome.

In particular, for patients that have lost weight through the assistance of surgery, understanding the degree of weight loss, possible further weight reduction and the type of surgery that has been used, has also relevance to the plan for treatment.


During the examination, the points that are assessed are the arm girth, the skin tone with presence or absence of stretch marks and the extent of the skin laxity in the upper arm.

This will determine whether a reasonable amount of improvement can be expected from liposuction alone, or whether arm lift surgery will be a better answer.

In terms of the types of arm lift surgery it will also be possible to discuss the extent and position of the scars necessary to create the tightening effect.


Smoking can have devastating consequences with arm lift surgery and should be stopped at least 2 weeks before and 4 weeks after the surgery.

Recovery and Risks

During the consultation the risks and recovery period associated with the treatment will also be covered.

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