Arm lift The operation

The arm lift surgical intervention is an intermediate procedure when it involves skin reduction and can be a relatively small intervention when it involves only liposuction.

In most instances the treatment takes place under a general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation.

Skin excision

Even when skin excision is carried out, there is also volume reduction through liposuction which may be either a simple technique or using an energy assisted approach like radio frequency assisted liposuction, ultrasound assisted liposuction or laser assisted liposuction.

Arm infiltration

The operation starts with infiltration of the arm with a solution of saline, local anaesthetic and adrenaline which improves the result and reduces bleeding, and after a degree of volume reduction through liposuction, the second stage of the operation is the skin reduction.


Depending on the extent of the laxity and the pre operative planning, the scar can sometimes be restricted to the axilla for a modest tightening of the upper arm, in the axilla and upper third of the inner arm as a t-shape scar for a more extensive correction or along the inner aspect of the arm when the laxity is significant.

Skin reduction

The skin reduction aims to create a better relationship between the volume of the upper arm and the skin envelope. Drains are rarely used after the surgery, and if they are left in place they will be removed most frequently at 24 hours.


At the end of the arm lift procedure the wounds are covered with dressings and an elasticated garment is used to provide support and reduce the swelling after surgery.

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