Cheek implantsPlanning cheek implants surgery

The goal of consultations related to malar augmentation is to establish the value of possible changes in the mid-face volume, as well as the balancing effect that it can have on the overall appearance of the face.

Medical conditions

Some of the medical problems can affect the outcome of surgery and you should discuss with your surgeon regarding any previous medical conditions that have affected you.

3D Imaging

Our approach in practice when discussing cheek augmentation surgery or facial sculpting treatment in general is to use images in 3D both to establish the parameters of the facial shape and its natural asymmetries and the potential benefits of volume augmentation.


It is relatively common for people to feel that they have insufficient volume in the cheek areas when the lower part of the face is fuller. However, in a situation like this, reduction of the volume of the lower face is a more appropriate approach than cheek augmentation, as it will create an improvement in the face of balance and avoid the impression that the face is excessively wide.


The degree of augmentation that can be achieved is also an element that can be evaluated using 3D imaging and simulation. Sometimes the degree of change is beyond what implants can achieve and may be better served by combining the volumising effect of malar implants and fat transfer.

Management plan

The procedure as well as the risks and recovery period will be explained at the time of the consultation to allow you to formulate a decision and your choice for the management plan.

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