Cheek implantsCheek implants operation

Cheek augmentation or malar augmentation surgery is normally carried out under a general anaesthetic, and typically as a day case.


The access incisions for surgery are placed inside the mouth so there are no external scars. Through these access incisions a pocket is created on the surface of the bone to allow for the implants to be fitted.


The implants are usually contoured before being placed, in principle to allow for improvement in the symmetry of the facial features.


The natural differences in the shape of the facial bones means that placing the same size implant in the same position on the two sides would transfer the natural bone asymmetry to the final appearance.

To some extent a degree of improved symmetry can be achieved with the surgery, but it will never be perfect.

Once the position of the implant has been verified, the wounds are closed.

Fat transfer

In some instance an improvement in the level of symmetry between the two cheekbones can be achieved using fat transfer in addition to the implants.

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