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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

My face is quite asymmetrical, with the left side being smaller and older looking than the right.

I am dissatisfied with my mid-face region, the cheek bones in particular.

I would like a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation with lift procedure and liposuction of the chin and maybe neck.

My nose sticks out far and it looks weird from the sides.

I have abused cocaine when I was younger and hit my nose hard 2 months ago.

What types of fraxel resurfacing do you offer and can this be combined with a rhinoplasty procedure?

I am interested in removing some flesh from the lower part of my nose.

Recently I had a Gynacomastia surgery, and now I have hard lumps behind my niples.

I am considering having a tertiary rhinoplasty, I require the nose to be straightened, defined and correct breathing functionality.

Interested in reducing nostril size and reducing visibility of nostrils plus fine refinement of nose.

I had rhinoplasty surgery under a different surgeon and I am unhappy with the results. Do you perform revision rhinoplasty?

I am interested in what is termed the butt lift using fat from other parts of the body.

I would like to reduce the size of my nose however I am very scared of both surgery and the possibility of not liking the results.

Is it possible to have my nose evened to make it balanced?

I would like to know if you are able to help me, I really don‘t like the tip of my nose as it comes down a lot and its really big for my face.

I am mulatto interested in rhinoplasty. Do you have experience in dealing with cases like mine?

Would a breast reduction help a congenital symmastia?

What is the best candidate for an apronectomy?

I would like a revision otoplasty. I have already had one op, is that a problem in any way?

I am considering augmentation mentoplasty with Hyaluronic acid. What is the side effect of injecting hyaluronic acid?

I am 9 months post op jaw surgery, and my left cheek has developed internal scar tissue.

I wanted to know if Mr Ion has experience with thick skinned ethnic noses?

Is it possible to have alar base reduction under local anaesthetic?

I have had extensive maxilliofacial surgery in the past and I have a 60mm scar on the right hand side of my neck.

I am interested in having arm lift surgery but I am overweight.

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