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Your questions answered by our surgeon, Lucian Ion, FRCS(Plast)

I have a deviated septum, I am always having nose bleeds and have the feeling my nose is always blocked.

Do you do any clinics in the Midlands?

I was looking to get my dark circles around my eyes removed as fixing a slight pigmentation problem on my cheeks.

I have one side of my face ageing faster and it has become hollow.

I had a nose surgery three months ago and I am not happy with the result.

I have either a weak chin, or jaw, what procedure will be best to correct my problem?

Do you think hyaluronic acid to the inferior orbital rim could help bolster the lid and help regain the eyes shape?

I would like to know if all your surgeries are open tip surgeries as I would prefer a closed tip approach?

I am interested in chin implant and I am wondering if implants are custom shaped for me?

How much approximately will it cost for minor soft tissue nose reshaping under local anaesthetic?

Do you perform perioral mound removal?

I have just had breast uplift and under my right breast it is like a fold of skin.

I want my nose to be normal and symmetrical, is there any way possible?

I have a columella notch and will be having a revision please can you advise how much swelling and bleeding will it cause?

I am anticipating a revision rhinoplasty to fix a hanging columella and to lower nostril rims.

I want to contour my body such that my waist gets smaller and enlarge my bum.

Does getting a nose job, leave you with a mark?

Is it possible for you to tell me what all the different possibilities are for me to improve my facial characteristics?

I am HIV positive, will this affect my chances of getting nose surgery?

I am considering a neck lift to give me a stronger jawline.

Is there any surgical solution for my tear trough?

I am interested in a brow lift as my face has started to droop and my eyes always look tired.

I am looking to go into the modelling career but the shape of my nose is holding me back.

I am a body builder who has had gynecomastia before.

I was looking to get a septorhinoplasty and soft tissue chin reduction but wanted orthodontics.

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