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Remodelling fatty tissue

One of the great developments of the last 30 years in plastic and aesthetic surgery has been related to the ability to remodel fatty tissue around the face and body.

Fatty tissue volume

Although volume reduction through liposuction has been the first approach, it has become clear that volume of fatty tissue in several parts of the body has potentially very good cosmetic result and sometimes also functional benefits. In the Western population, there is a clear tendency for reduction of the volume of fatty tissue in the mid-face and around the eyes with ageing.

Better results

Through the work of several surgeons the most prominent of whom is Dr Sydney Coleman from New York, the protocols for treatment using fat transfer have become more structured, yielding consistently better and more predictable results.

Target areas

The target areas for fat transfer include the face, chest, bottom, irregularities of the contour in most areas of the body and have become also the effect of trauma and associated contour problems.

Anaesthetic options

The technique lends itself to a variety of anaesthetic options depending on the extent of the treatment and has also a relatively strong ability to improve symmetry.

Treatment longevity

Longevity of the treatment is frequently discussed and for people that have relatively stable weight, in most instances the improvement is lasting for a period of 3 to 5 years or longer.

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