Fat transferPlanning the fat transfer treatment

At the time of the consultation for fat transfer it is important to understand the general medical condition of the patient, as some medical problems can lead to significant issues related to healing or the safety of the anaesthetic.


Although there is no clear correlation, smoking is said by many surgeons to be unfavourable to the outcome of fat transfer, possibly because when the fatty tissue is used to augment some areas it needs to take as a graft and relies heavily on the oxygen delivery and blood flow to the treatment area.


Examination of the areas that are deficient in volume or could benefit from augmentation, typically highlights also aspects related to asymmetry and the quality of the overlain skin.

3D Imaging

When the fat transfer is planned in relation to facial contouring, in our practice we prefer to use 3D imaging and simulation to determine the target shape and allow for more in-depth planning.

Donor site and scars

Another point that is covered during the consultation is the donor site planning where the fatty tissue is removed through small caliber liposuction instruments. The placement of the scars is planned together with the patient to make it less conspicuous even though the marks of the scars are very small.


Depending on the characteristics and extent of the surgical intervention, the anaesthetic risks and recovery period are also covered at the time of the consultation.

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