The neck lift aesthetics

Neck lift is a popular procedure that can make a significant difference to a person’s appearance, helping them to achieve the look they want with minimal risk and increasingly short downtime.

A well-defined jawline helps to frame the face. Unfortunately, a combination of ageing, sun damage, and personal characteristics such as bone structure, fatty tissue, and neck musculature can all create the effect of the face simply sinking into the neckline without a clear contour.

For Women and Men

Women are typically flattered by a more gentle contour defining the jaw and neck, contributing to a heart-shaped look to the face. In contrast, men often seek a stronger angle to the jaw, creating a cleaner, sharper line.

Both effects can be achieved through reductions in fatty tissue beneath the skin or beneath the platysma muscles in the neck, sometimes assisted by , chin implants, skin tightening, submandibular gland reduction and fat transfer techniques.

How Ageing Affects the Neck

As we age the effects of skin sagging and sun damage are often more pronounced. Smoking is also negative contribution, which unfortunately combines with the sun damage to create a leathery appearance of the skin of the face and neck. There is no doubt that most of us also suffer from a degree of fatty tissue accumulation under the chin and along the jawline, which decreases the visible boundary between her face and neck. Finally, more pronounced loosening of the structures in the central part of the neck can create unsightly appearance of skin hanging down, often referred to as the turkey gobbler. This is in part by the related to the skin but more substantially related to loosening of the connections between platysma muscles and the deeper structures in the neck.

To restore or simply generate a more defined appearance of the jaw line and neck, a neck lift a procedure can be used to reduce skin laxity and platysma bands.

More limited interventions may include an i-guide procedure using permanent sutures to support the skin in the neck and reduce sagging, or the removal of excess skin in the neck through a direct anterior neck lift.

Why Younger People Choose Neck Lifts

In younger patients the choice of this type of procedure is often due to disproportional fatty tissue underneath the chin that means that the jaw line lacks definition despite a healthy lifestyle and normal weight.

Some patients consider their chin and jawline to be underdeveloped and desire a more prominent aspect to their appearance which can be achieved through a combination of implants, fat transfer, and fatty tissue removal.

Achieving a Personal Aesthetic

Facial beauty is a matter of personal opinion and it is neither desirable nor achievable to recreate the exact jaw line or neck contour of another person.

Instead, it is preferable that the patient and surgeon work together to design and a pleasing aesthetic in-keeping with the rest of the face. Using the advanced computer imaging and simulation techniques both in 2-D and 3-D, tailoring the approach to a patient’s own characteristics and desired outcome has become a reality and has served many patients to create a more natural and personalised change.

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