Buccal fat reduction Aesthetics

The volume on the face in the cheek and jawline contributes significantly to the impression of a strong or defined set of features or fuller and softer, sometimes child-like facial appearance.

Many people consider the facial definition to be an important part of their appearance and are looking at the adjustments of facial volumes as a mean to provide balance and aesthetic enhancement.

The distribution of fatty tissue in the cheek is in two layers with the outer one being situated under the skin (the superficial layer) and the deeper one being situated closer to the in lining of the mouth (buccal fat reduction).

Buccal fat reduction is a procedure that can reduce the volume of the fullness in the middle of the cheek and create the impression of a slight shadow forming under the cheekbone area which can have a good aesthetic impact.

One of the considerations related to buccal fat reduction is the in keeping with the fact that many people become slimmer the face later in life.

This trend however seems to be more obvious in certain population groups than others and for instance in the Far East or Southeast Asia, the tendency is toward maintenance of the fullness of the face.

A rough guide to genetic trends for each individual is the facial shape of the parents and although it cannot be applied rigorously, it still provides information regarding the trends.

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