Buccal fat reduction Risks and complications


A general or local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation carries a small risk onto its own irrespective of the type of surgery for which it is used. This risk is fortunately within the level of safety that we accept for many other things we do on a daily basis.


Bleeding is a risk after surgery in general and if it happens following buccal fat reduction it can lead to more prolonged swelling and possible bruising in the cheek. A sudden increase in volume in the cheek would be a suggestion of bleeding and would warrant gentle pressure to the area.

It is also important to contact your surgeon in order to establish whether an early review is necessary and to guide you through the steps of managing the problem. It is unusual to need a repeat intervention for management of bleeding after buccal fat reduction.


Any surgical procedure carries the risk of infection, and in the case of buccal fat reduction the risk is fortunately very low. The main consideration is related to the fact that buccal fat reduction wounds are typically in the area of maximum pressure applied on the cheeks when chewing. For this reason, in the early stages after surgery it is important to adhere to a strict soft diet to allow the healing process to progress undisturbed.


Like with any intervention that involves the two sides of the body or face, a degree of asymmetry after the surgery is inevitable. In some instances adjustment of the volume of the outer layer of fatty tissue through liposuction can contribute to improve the symmetry, but most of them this is not necessary as the differences are small.


Pain or discomfort. After buccal fat reduction the degree of pain or discomfort experienced tends to be very limited and patients often find they do not need to take painkillers. If painkillers are used, it is important to refrain from taking any aspirin as it increases significantly the risks of infection.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Deep-vein thrombosis is a risk associated with an anaesthetic, and in the case of buccal fat reduction it is relatively limited because the operation it's not lengthy. However, it is important to bear in mind that early mobilisation and wearing a compression stockings has a beneficial effect on the circulation in the lower limbs and risk related to lower limb deep vein thrombosis.

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