Buccal fat reduction During the consultation

During the consultation regarding buccal fat reduction it is important to assess the general medical history and possible conditions that may increase the risks associated with surgery. These points need to be highlighted to your surgeon in order to be incorporated in the treatment plan.

3D Imaging and simulation

In general terms, in our practice, we prefer to use 3D imaging and simulation for most aspects related to facial sculpting. This is because the face is a complex 3D environment with multiple asymmetries that are sometimes hidden in a 2D photograph.

It is possible using the 3D to define the degree of change that you seek. Based on this information the surgeon can give you an indication regarding the usefulness of the procedure, like buccal fat reduction or indeed whether the treatment to the superficial layer (superficial liposuction) or a combination of buccal fat reduction and liposuction is more appropriate for your goals.

Planning for treatment

The discussion is also focusing on the characteristics of the operation which involves an access incision on the inside of the cheeks found recovery period and associated risks.

A global assessment of the facial volumes and balance is also part of the consultation, to allow you to establish the value of the treatment in the general context and any more subtle adjustments that may be of assistance.

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