Dermal fillersAesthetics

The volumes of the face create complex shapes and shadows that can be attractive or unattractive. Adjustment is possible many times using small interventions with the assistance of dermal fillers.

These treatments, typically carried out in an office setting with or without anaesthetic applied on the skin, can produce sometimes dramatic improvements of the facial appearance.

The most common considerations regarding treatment possibilities for facial fillers are related to the facial lines or improvement in the fulness of the cheeks or lips.

Probably the most commonly used two types of injectable fillers for the face are based on hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite. They are both similar to substances naturally occurring in the body and for which the body has the ability to gradually reduce them and eliminate them. They are, because of these factors, temporary treatments with a treatment longevity ranging between 6 months and over one year.

In some instances, these treatments are carried out by themselves, but they can also be associated with wrinkle relaxing injections or skin improvement treatments.

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