Dermal fillersHyaluronic Acid / Juvederm®

Probably the most common injectable fillers in use is hyaluronic acid. There are now a significant number of manufacturers that produce injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid, because of its versatility and safety profile. It has largely replaced collagen treatments in most people's practices.

The treatment

The treatment can be used to produce highlighting effect by adding volume to the cheek mount, or to the chin and at the same time it can be used to decrease visibility of fine lines around the corner of the eyes or of the stronger lines running from the corner of the nose or of the mouth.

Another common use for hyaluronic acid based fillers is to enhance the fulness of the lips.

Treatment longevity

Depending on the type of product used, and the area treated, the treatment longevity can be between 6 months and one year, and the effect can be increased gradually trough one or two treatments to allow for assessment of the volume and avoid excessive changes.


One of the interesting characteristics of hyaluronic based fillers is also their reversibility. Naturally occurring enzyme, Hyaluronidase, can be used in injection form to break down this type of filler and allow it to be dispersed within a matter of days.

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