Liposuction Aesthetics

Liposuction or lipoplasty is the term referring to minimal access removal of fatty tissue which is typically used for contouring the body or face.

The spectrum of application has increased over the years in the same way as the safety of the technique and the versatility of technologies used.

Liposuction indication

The main reason for usefulness of liposuction is in keeping with the fact that weight gain and weight loss do not always lead to a harmonious deposition or removal of fatty tissue.

The best indication for liposuction is contouring of areas of excess fatty tissue deposition in someone who is close to the ideal weight.

Skin characteristics

One of the important elements regarding liposuction planning is the quality of the overlying skin.

Depending of the characteristics of the skin, the quality of the results and extent of treatment may be limited which is one of the main aspects to discuss during the consultation for liposuction.

Evolving techniques

The techniques for liposuction have evolved over the years starting with the usage of fluid infiltration or tumescence to facilitate extraction and reduce bruising and bleeding at the time of surgery.

The direction for development has also extended into technologies that either facilitate the treatment or extend its usage indications.

Power assisted liposuction

Power assisted liposuction refers to the technique of using a system that applies vibration or rotation to the liposuction cannula to help with extraction of the fatty tissue.

Energy assisted liposuction

Energy assisted techniques include ultrasound assisted liposuction, laser assisted liposuction which have seen several generations of development, and more recently the radio frequency assisted liposuction or Bodytite.

Body Jet liposuction

A parallel development has been the Body Jet liposuction which uses infiltration in parallel with removal of the fatty tissue.

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