Liposuction The operation


At the time of the surgery, depending on the anaesthetic agreed upon, if the intervention is carried out with general anaesthesia the patient is asleep throughout the treatment. For local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation there is awareness of the process but the sedation reduces significantly the discomfort related to infiltration with local anaesthetic.

Once the treatment area has been infiltrated, it typically is numb and there is no associated pain even if it is still possible to feel movement.


For the techniques that involve energy application like ultrasonic liposuction, radio-frequency assisted liposuction or laser liposuction, the energy application is generally the first stage of the treatment.

The purpose of the energy application is in part to facilitate the removal of the fatty tissue, in particular in areas where the tissue is firmer, but at the same time heating of the tissues can improve firmness in the treated areas at the end of the healing process.

Following the energy application the extraction involves the classic approach to liposuction and it is also the time of finishing of the contouring, typically using smaller caliber instruments.


The wounds are then subsequently closed and small dressings applied, usually some that will allow for showering afterwards. The post liposuction garment is most frequently applied either in the operation room or in the recovery area.

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