Liposuction Plannig for liposuction surgery

At the time of the consultation regarding lipoplasty or liposuction, it is important to discuss with your surgeon your general medical problems as they may influence the safety of the procedure and the decision regarding the extent of the treatment.

Excess weight

Excess weight may represent a problem related to liposuction mostly because this type of treatment is not a solution for weight loss. Contouring of the body when there is significant weight excess will by definition be more limited and it is necessary to appreciate the limitations of the treatment.

Skin characteristics

The skin characteristics are very important in the assessment and decision about liposuction. Excessively thin skin with stretch marks poses problems related to the quality of the result, as the appearance after treatment is more likely to be irregular.

Sometimes a small amount of laxity but with relatively strong overlying skin can be improved significantly with liposuction creating the impression of an element of lift or skin tightening. It is important to discuss in detail with your surgeon regarding the expectation of results depending on the skin tone and quality.


The anaesthetic related to liposuction can be local for small interventions, local anaesthetic and intravenous sedations for larger treatments or general anaesthetic for more significant volume reductions.

Treatment area

At the time of the consultation the area of treatment is discussed as well as the importance of balancing the changes so that a general aesthetic improvement is achieved.

Sometimes, the liposuction procedure is in effect just one half of the contouring process with fatty tissue being then transferred to another part of the body where it helps highlight the shape and volume.

This is sometimes applied for volume reduction in the waist line or abdomen and enhancement in the gluteal region or breasts.


It is important to appreciate that asymmetry is inevitably part of the human body and can never be completely overcome by surgery in any form or shape.

One of the typically asymmetries is related to the difference in leg length, which lead to pelvic bones tilting when we stand up.

This means that the contour of the waist line is slightly different on the right and left sides and can not really be made to be identical.

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