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Facial expressions

The expression of our faces takes many influences from the appearance around the eyes. Frowning, a sad or happy appearance a rested or tired look are commonly represented in the appearance of the eyebrows.

We are all very aware of these points from early in life, and have the ability to read these facial expressions, whether right or wrong, without having to be taught.

Eyebrow shape

In general, when the shape of the eyebrow is arching in the outer part, it seems to produce a favourable effect for the aesthetics of the face and the eyes. On the contrary, low position of the eyebrows in the lateral segments, tends to produce the impression of tiredness or sadness. An eyebrow that sits lower in the inner corners is associated with an expression of anger or distress.

Many of these characteristics have their genetic foundations, but throughout life there are also changes of the shape of the eyebrows related to ageing.

Corrective surgery

Brow lift surgery or forehead lift surgery is specifically designed to address some of these issues and create or restore a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing brow shape and position.

It is very common to see an effort to pluck the eyebrows and change their appearance with make-up, and this will indeed improve the appearance in many instances. However, when the eyebrow position is genuinely low, attempts to mask it with make up can become counter-productive for the facial appearance.

Alternative treatments

Wrinkle relaxing injections can also be used to improve the position of the eyebrows, and depending on the characteristics of the patient and the quality of the injection the results can be favourable.

When the eyebrows are generally low, in particular in the outer parts, an associated effect is the impression of excess skin in the upper eyelids. This is sometimes true and sometimes false, and it is part of the preoperative assessment to determine individual contributions of the brow and upper eyelid to the appearance of this area.

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