Brow Lift Recovering after forehead lift

Following forehead lift or brow lift surgery the recovery period is usually straightforward. There are a number of points that you should be aware of.

Bruising and swelling

You should expect to have some bruising and swelling around the forehead. In general this is limited but can sometimes lead to bruising that extends also to the cheeks or lower eyelids. Sleeping with a couple of pillows will help reduce bruising and swelling after surgery.


You may also experience headaches in the first few days. Most commonly these would be related to the tension applied on the forehead skin. They are typically well-controlled using the pain medication provided on discharge. It is important to avoid aspirin for pain control, an as this can promote bleeding and more significant bruising.

Eyelids closure

During the first few weeks after brow lift surgery, the upper eyelids may not close the eyes fully. This is more likely to happen in patients that have had previous upper eyelid surgery. Using lubricants and, moisturiser in particular at night time, reduces the chance of irritation to the eyes and is advisable.

Eyebrow position

The eyebrow position is set a little higher during the surgery, as it will normally settle in a slightly lower position in time. Usually it takes between four and six weeks for the eyebrows to achieve their final position.

Surgical staples

The staples used fore closing the incisions in the hair bearing skin are typically removed between 7 and 10 days after the operation, at the time of a follow-up visit.

Although most patients expect pain and discomfort when having the staples removed, it is a painless event, and staples can protect the hair follicles around the hair follicles even better then stitches.

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