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One of the key aspects that needs to be evaluated during the consultation related to forehead lift, is the relationship between the eyebrow, upper eyelid and upper border of the eye socket. This helps to identify whether the position of the eyebrow is genuinely low, or whether the problem is related to the appearance of the upper eyelid.

Everyone is different

In the younger patients, it is sometimes the case that the appearance is drawn to the upper eyelid, but the problem lies with the eyebrow, and it may be preferable to carry out a forehead lift rather than an upper eyelid blepharoplasty.

In women, experience has shown that a distance of 5 to 10 mm between the brow and the rim of the eye socket (orbital rim) in the lateral part of the eyebrow is associated with an aesthetic and pleasing appearance. It is also more aesthetically appealing when the eyebrow arches laterally and is higher at the point where the inner two thirds meet with the outer one third of the eyebrow.

In contrast, for men, a higher position of the eyebrow creates a softening and feminising appearance, so an aesthetically advantageous position for the brow seems to be approximately at the level of the rim of the eye socket or maybe slightly above in the lateral part.

The inside corner of the eyebrow seems to have an ideal position over the edge of the eye socket or just a little bit above or below it, for both men and women.

Choosing the rigth solution

When the eyebrow position has been assessed, it is possible to position the eyebrow with the hand in the ideal configuration and at that moment evaluation of the upper eyelid becomes more accurate.

With the eyebrow in an ideal position, if the upper eyelid shows skin excess, the procedure for the eyebrow or for the upper eyelid would be insufficient on their own to create the optimum aesthetic effect, and a combination of forehead lift and upper eyelid blepharoplasty may be advantageous.

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