Brow Lift During the operation

In most instances, brow lift or forehead lift surgery is carried out under a general anaesthetic. It can be associated either with an overnight stay or carried out as a day case intervention.

Open brow lift surgery

Historically, forehead lift surgery involved an ear-to-ear incision over the scalp, and apart from lifting the eyebrow involved removal of some of the hair bearing scalp.

This intervention, currently referred to as open brow lift or coronal brow lift, is much less common today, but retains its usefulness in selected cases. In particular, a variation of this procedure which is used to advance the hair bearing skin and lower the hairline, places the scar on the edge of the forehead hairline.

Frown muscles

The access and visibility also allow the surgeon to weaken the frown muscles during this operation. Although technically it is possible to remove the frown muscles altogether, most surgeons prefer to avoid this because it may lead to excessive elevation in the medial part of the brow, and a startled appearance after the surgery.

Once the forehead skin has been tightened and elevated, it is fixed in in its new position and the incisions are closed.

Endoscopic brow lift

Most of the forehead lift surgical interventions today are carried out through keyhole surgery, also known as the endoscopic brow lift or forehead lift. This operation involves several small access points within the hair bearing skin, some above the forehead and some in the temple regions. With the help of the endoscope, it allows the surgeon to release the tissues of the forehead under magnification.

During the surgical procedure, the tissues of the forehead and front of the temples is detached from the bone and repositioned higher.

Temporal lift

It is possible to produce lateral elevation of the brow through the intervention called temporal lift, which is typically suitable when the inner corner of the eyebrow is already in good position.

In addition, a more modest brown elevation can be achieved through the upper eyelid blepharoplasty access, which is also known as browpexy.

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