Ear reshapingAesthetics

The shape and size of the ears can be a source of concern in terms of the aesthetic balance of the facial features.

The reasons why ears can be appearing more prominent in some people than others combine position, size and shape, and can be combined with the shape and prominence of the ear lobes.

Prominent ears

It is unfortunately common for children to be teased about prominent ears, and for adults to be uncomfortable about their shape and maybe to cover them by wearing their hair long and over the ears.

In newborns, prominent ears can sometimes be corrected by gently taping the ears or devices that can help form the cartilages. However, if the problem has not been satisfactorily addressed in infancy, later in life surgery remains the only means of correction.

Age and size

The ears reach approximately 80% of their final size around the age of four, which makes it safe to carry out ear reshaping surgery from that age onwards.

Surgery to correct prominent ears or excess size of the earlobes is relatively common and produces lasting and gratifying results for patients.

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