Ear reshapingDuring the operation

In children, ear reshaping surgery or otoplasty is usually carried out under general anaesthetic. In adults it is possible to carry out the surgery under a local anaesthetic, local anaesthetic combined with intravenous sedation or a general anaesthetic.


In most instances the incisions for the solder placed in the group behind the ear. Depending on the technique discussed at the consultation, the cartilage of the ears may be reduced or remodelled.


If the surgical intervention is carried out under local anaesthetic, it is possible to use a smaller mirror to examine the changes, because the access incision is not visible from the front. This allows you to express your views regarding the degree of correction and the shape of the ear as well as the earlobe.


At the end of the intervention, the incisions are closed with a absorbable sutures and a small dressing is applied on each ear.

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