Ear reshapingPlanning for ear reshaping

At the time of the consultation it is important to find out regarding your medical history and any health problems that may affect the operation.

With regards to the ears, the assessment includes evaluation of the shape and size of the ears, and the components that create prominence and asymmetry.


In some instances the shape of the years is incompletely formed and may benefit from a more complex contouring of the cartilages, while in other instances an adjustment of the projection of the ears is sufficient.

There are various characteristics of the shape of the ears which makes them stick out in the upper end, the middle part or both. The earlobes are sometimes prominent and sometimes they are relatively large.


It is also possible to operate a reduction in size of the ears at the same time with reducing their prominence, and this can be discussed during the consultation.

Earlobe reduction

Earlobes reduction is an intervention that has increased in popularity and can sometimes create the impression that the ear has become smaller, in particular when combined with decreased projection.


There are several techniques for reshaping the ears, some of which include reduction or reshaping only of the cartilages and adjustment of the relationship between the ear and the head.

The placement of this course is usually behind the ears, frequently in the groove behind the ear, which makes it inconspicuous.

It is important to appreciate that irrespective of the surgical technique involved, the level of symmetry between the right and left sides can only be moderate since every element of the ears is slightly different on the two sides.

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