Ear reshapingRecovering after otoplasty

At the end of the surgery, the ears will be covered individually with a small dressing which is typically worn for the first week.

Physical activities

It is advisable to wear a tennis headband or equivalent compression during nighttime and any contact sports for the first 8 weeks after the surgical intervention. This is in order to prevent the ears from being pushed forward whilst they are still settling.


Typically, antibiotics are prescribed for the first week after the surgical intervention.

It is normal to feel moderate discomfort in particular for the first few days after surgery. This is typically well-controlled by moderate analgesics such as paracetamol with codeine. It is very important to avoid using aspirin for pain control during this time as it increases the chance of bleeding.

Bruising and swelling

When the dressings are removed, there is still some bruising and swelling around the ears, but typically it is limited and most people can return to work within a week or 10 days after their operation.

It is also common to feel slight numbness on the rim of the ears or behind them and this typically returns to normal.

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