Wrinkle treatmentIndications for wrinkle relaxing injections

Facial expression is an essential part of communication but unfortunately is prone to the influences of misinterpretation and ageing.

It is very common for people to frown when concentrating, which becomes a habit and sends the wrong messages. One of the common descriptions given by patients who seek treatment for relaxation of the frown muscles is that they get asked "Why are you upset?".

Treatment with muscle relaxant injections has evolved into more complex adjustments of the facial muscle tone, allowing for reduction of the forehead lines, crows feet areas, slight lifting of the brow improvement in the neck bands or adjustments for the corner of the mouth or reduction of the size of the masseter muscles. In addition, the product has been used for improvement in migraine headaches or control of excessive sweating.

Licensing for treatment with botulinum toxin covers only the frown muscles, and the other treatments are off-licence, based on similarity of principles and action. In some countries, treatment for migraine headaches has also been licensed for botulinum toxin.

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