Wrinkle treatmentPlanning for wrinkle treatment

Some patients suffering with neurological conditions, difficulty in swallowing, or under certain long-term medications are not suitable for treatment with wrinkle relaxing injections. Women that are pregnant or trying for a baby should also avoid the treatment. These aspects need to be discussed at the time of the consultation and it may be possible to offer alternatives for treatment.

Individual characteristics

The characteristics of the eyebrow shape and position, frowning overactivity, dynamic lines at the corner of the eyes as well as general patterns of asymmetry are discussed at the same time.

One of the points that needs to be clarified, is that the treatment is based on adjustment of the resting tone of the muscles and intensity of muscle contraction.

For example, the muscles that lift the eyebrows (frontalis muscles) are also the muscles that produce the forehead lines. Because of this, excessive correction of the forehead lines weakens the forehead muscles to a point where the eyebrow position actually drops. Similar concerns are also associated with treatments of the crow's feet lines and support of the lower lid.

Depending on individual characteristics, the parameters of the treatment can be discussed so that the benefits are not outweighed by possible problems.

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