Wrinkle treatmentRecovery after wrinkle relaxing injections

Wrinkle relaxing injections take 5 to 10 days to establish their treatment levels, at which point it is possible to evaluate whether a small adjustment treatment may still be necessary to achieve optimum results.

Weakening the muscles

It is important to appreciate that the effort to completely freeze a group of muscles will often lead to bizarre facial expressions, and it is better to weaken muscles instead.

Treatment efficacy

Using the muscles that are targeted with the treatment may increase the efficacy of the treatment, although this has not been scientifically established.

The efficacy of the treatment wears off naturally over the course of 3 to 4 months, and frequently earlier in in the case of the forehead lines, because treatment of the forehead muscles may need to be limited to preserve it up straight for eyebrow elevation.

Massage and pressure

It is important to avoid massage or pressure to the treatment areas, to avoid dispersion of the product to surrounding muscles.

Patient that typically sleep on the front are advised to sleep on the back for the first night.


It is also preferable to avoid exercise during the first 24 hours after the treatment and for patients who have a tendency to bruising to avoid alcohol for the first day.

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